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Aldor Veterinary Clinic

Our Doctors

Dr. Satwant Lohat

Dr. Lohat grew up in the countryside in the North West province of Punjab India.  Their household had many pets including dairy and draught animals.  Dr. Lohat loved having them all as part of his family.  Growing up with so many animals, he always had an appreciation of the human animal bond.  The visiting veterinarians who provided preventative care and treatment has always fascinated Dr. Lohat and inspired him to become a veterinarian as soon as he was old enough to know what one was.


Dr. Lohat earned his veterinary degree from Punjab Agricultural University in 1996.  He first worked with the provincial government as a mixed animal practitioner before finally moving to Canada in 2005.


Dr. Lohat’s goal with each patient is to ensure the best possible care and quality of life.  This shows in his commitment to educating clients about good care practices throughout the year, preventative care, nutrition, and exercise.  He has special interest in geriatric and preventative medicine, but still enjoys general practice because of the diverse cases to be seen and the many clients to meet.