Aldor Veterinary Clinic

21773 Smith Crescent
Milner, BC V0X 1T0




About Aldor Veterinary Clinic in Langley, BC


Aldor Veterinary Clinic was established in January 1970 by Dr. Albert Anderson and his wife Dorothy. This is where the name of the clinic originated, Al (Albert) and Dor (Dorothy)! If you would like to read an in depth history of our clinic, please click READ MORE...

Dr Anderson and his wife kept the clinic operating smoothly with a country home and family appeal. Their children and friends were often underfoot and surrounding, while many prominent Langley community members spent time helping staff the clinic both through volunteer and paid services.

In 2003 Dr. Pfaender, a German student who came to Aldor to gain experience while earning her veterinary degree, purchased the clinic from the Andersons affording them the opportunity to retire. The clinic continued to value relationships of both people and their pets while also forging ahead with investments in up to date equipment and education. Dr. Pfaender led the team for 17 years before deciding to step back a little, passing ownership of the clinic to Dr. Satwant Lohat.

In January 2020, Dr. Lohat was welcomed into our clinic. While everyone was getting to know each other the unthinkable happened. Covid 19. What a challenge for everyone! There has been many difficulties, but as we now near 2022, we have all gelled as a team making some great upgrades and hitting goals! We all very much look forward to once again slowly welcoming clients into the clinic to finally say hello and get some proper introductions.

Aldor Veterinary Clinic in Milner, BC